Open Sabbats

We offer Open Sabbats occasionally for some of the more popluar events and these are generally held on the Saturday evening closest to the actual date of the Sabbat.  They are child friendly and open to newbies, friends and family of the students.  The Rituals are typically outside in our stone Circle with feasting afterward.  They are generally potluck events with singing and drumming around the fire later.

We request a $5 donation for each adult at the Open Sabbats; this helps to defray costs at the Coven House. Our group typically provides the main dish for events, in addition to paper plates, napkins, plastic ware, cups, drinks and toilet paper, so contributions are immediately recycled for this sort of public use. This donation is especially important at Sabbats because some events can get 30+ attendees.

Pagan Pride Day

Garden of the Crescent Moon is honored to sponsor Pagan Pride Day in Kalispell every year. The Pagan Pride Project is an international event held annually in the Fall in cities around the world to celebrate the second harvest festival (the Autumnal Equinox: Mabon) and to educate the public about alternative spiritual belief systems. We typically put on a small festival-type event with educational workshops, vendors, divinatory readers (Tarot, runes, palmistry, etc.) with several different rituals occurring throughout the day. The event is also a Charity Food Drive for the local Food Bank, so please bring nonperishable food items to donate; every contribution is greatly appreciated!

High Priestess Gwen Gardner is the Local Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project in Montana and is the Regional Coordinator for Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska. Please contact her for more information or for details about vending or teaching at the event.

We would like to begin this event, but it has been placed on hiatus as we have not found a venue in our area that will accommodate all night drumming.

Summerfest was an event we traveled to in the Billings area for many years.  Lady Nytewind graciously accepted our offer to continue her work after her retirement, so we hope to be organizing this or something similar for the future. 
Summerfest is an alchemical Fire Circle Event.  The Ritual Circle typically starts at 11 p.m. each night of this three-night festival and goes until dawn with drumming and dancing, and chanting and singing in the Circle in order to induce a trance state where transformational work can be accomplished. 
Typically, Workshops are held in the afternoon, Portals to experience and Installations to learn from as well as a Talent Show and a Lughnasadh Ritual as part of the weekend, since it is held close to that Sabbat, around August 1.  

Women's Goddess Circle

We have started up a Women's Goddess Circle this Summer (2019) and it has been a good success so far. The focus is for the group to choose a Goddess to research and then meditate on, build Altars to, communicate with, Invoke, learn from, give offerings to, create arts for or about, write poetry, music or stories about, etc. The time frame for each Goddess is about a month or so and then we will meet again and maybe do a Circle for Her or just share what we all have done, learned, experienced, etc. This is an ongoing Circle with no experience necessary. All Women age 18 and above may join. 

Classes offered by the Garden of the Crescent Moon

We occasionally offer classes and workshops, such as those exploring the mythology of the Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, Celtic, Greek and Roman pantheons, Astral Traveling, Past Life Regression, Journey and Path Working, Invoking Deity, Working with your Power Animals, Totems, etc.  We also sometimes offer Introductory classes for Herbalism, Stones and Crystals, Tarot and the Runes. These are offered several times throughout the year. 

Please see our Classes page to learn more


The classes and workshops are typically $40 for 8 weeks at one hour a week.

Because there are a number of “hidden costs” associated with teaching classes, which can sometimes be as large as 10 people at a time, our fees are in place to cover these standard incidentals. We believe it is important for the student to “exchange” something for the knowledge they are receiving; this keeps the flow of energy balanced between instructor and student. 

No one is refused for lack of funds; please inquire about work-trade exchanges if you are in need.

Payment can be made by hitting the "Donate" button at the top right of this page.

To request more information on prerequisites for classes, please contact us through our Contact page. 

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