Annual Ostara Celebration

Posted by Coven Admin. on March 17, 2018 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (23)
The Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven will celebrate Ostara on Saturday, March 24, from 6 p.m. to midnight. This event is Open to friends of the Coven and like-minded Adult individuals. The theme of this Ritual event will be Blessing the Seeds of the Goals you have chosen for the upcoming year. Participants should have chosen three goals they wish to manifest and will choose seeds from an assortment available during the ritual or have brought some of their own, that represent the energy of that goal. The seeds will be placed in an "egg" and blessed for the participant to plant later on. This is one of the strongest types of sympathetic magick. As the plants grow and flourish, so will your goals grow, manifest and flourish. Goals should be stated as if they are already manifesting, such as, "I am an accomplished drummer." An example of a seed that might represent that energy would be Alder, as it is connected with Music. Another example might be, "I have a rewarding and fulfilling job." A seed that might represent that goal would be Heliotrope, which is connected with happiness and prosperity. Another example might be, "I am stress and pain free." A seed representing that would be chamomile, which reduces stress and promotes healing. Hopefully, you get the picture. We will have a variety of seeds to choose from but feel free to research and bring your own. After ritual, we will be feasting. Please bring a potluck dish to share. The theme is green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh vegetables; fish, rabbit, lamb; eggs of all kinds, pickled, deviled, boiled, stuffed, as quiche; anything dairy, cheesy, creamed, etc.; honey dishes; carrots and carrot cake... again, get creative. We might be inside for this one again; it depends on the state of the yard and the weather. If it's mushy or a swamp, we will be inside. Hope to see everyone here!!

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