About High Priestess Lady Gwen

Lady Gwen Gardner

Gwen Gardner is the High Priestess of the Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven in Kalispell, Montana.

Gwen Gardner discovered Witchcraft through a college course in
1988 and studied with the Sylvan Grove in Seattle in 1993-94. She became a solitary practitioner for several years and attended numerous open Sabbats, Circles and Festivals throughout the northwest.

When she moved to Montana in 2001, Gwen began her formal Craft studies and became a Third Degree High Priestess in the Fellowship of the Elder Path Tradition in 2006.
Lady Gwen has taught First, Second and Third Degree classes in the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca, which the Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven uses as their primary training format. She also teaches many informal Introductory type classes for the community as well as more advanced classes for those with training. 
Lady Gwen is extremely interested in the Norse Pantheon and has been studying the Mythology of the Norse as well as the use of the Runes for many years. Through reading the Prose and Poetic Edda's and the Saga's as well as the works of many leading Asatru and Norse Studies writers including Kveldulf Gundarsson, Freya Aswynn, Patricia Layfayllve, Diana Paxson and Maria Kvilhaug she has been exposed to a variety of beliefs, insights and practices of those who follow this Path.  Lady Gwen started practicing Seidth in 2018 and is working on developing her talents in this area (Journey Working and Galdr or Rune Singing in particular). She has also developed her own system of reading the Runes, concentrating on the Elder Futhark and does offer Rune Readings in person or online/phone.  Gwen uses a lot of Norse and Celtic influences in her Rituals and Spellwork. 

Gwen also studied Ceremonial Magick for three years using material from The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie as well as Christopher Penzack, Donald Michael Kraig, David Rankin and Sorita d'Este's works. She incorporates some of the material learned from these works into her classes.  

Gwen has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Boise State University, a Bachelor's Degree in Wiccan
Ministry from the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary and has taken the Master's Degree Courses from the Seminary in Interfaith Ministry. 
She enjoys gardening, walking in the woods with her dogs, reading, singing and teaching.

About High Priest Shawn Forsyth

Lord Shawn Forsyth 

Shawn Forsyth is the High Priest of the Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven in Kalispell, Montana.

Shawn was born in 1967 and has always had an interest in all things mysterious and occult. He first became interested in Pagan religions after seeing the word “Druid” for the first time in 1979 in a Dungeons and Dragons manual. Though his interest in D&D faded within a year, his interest in various Pagan paths continued.

Shawn has completed the Bard studies of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), is a Third Degree High Priest in the Fellowship of the Elder Path and the Founding Priest of the Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven.

Shawn is an avid Sci-Fi reader and doesn’t consider it a good story unless it’s over 1500 pages and/or spans several books (the longer the better). He is a professional cook, a hobby gardener and a collector of all things copper. Shawn currently lives in northwest Montana with a reformed feral cat named Mumford.

About Priestess Luna Blue

Lady Luna Blue
is a First Year Priestess in the Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven in Kalispell, Montana.
I am Lady Luna Blue.  I'm a first year priestess in the Garden of the Crescent Moon (GCMC), having completed first year studies in October of 2014.  I had a very strict religious upbringing with my grandma in Belgium, where I was born. Ever since she passed when I was just 10 years old, I have been looking for answers. Wicca has been calling to me for many years, and in September of 2013 at Pagan Pride Day in Kalispell, I met the Coven, High Priestess Gwen and High Priest Shawn. I felt an immediate "coming home " and joined the classes.
I am a nurse by profession, and healing and caring is in my nature. I have a deep love for all creatures and nature. I look forward to furthering my studies and integrating what I learn in my practice and in my Craft. Merry Meet!
Update: Lady Luna Blue is finishing up her Second Degree studies as of the Fall of 2018 and will be elevated sometime this Fall/Winter to a Second Degree Witch. 

About Priest Todd Kintz

Lord Todd Kintz
Lord Todd Kintz is a Third Degree Priest of The Circle of the Phoenix Rising in Billings, Montana, the sister coven of the Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven in Kalispell, Montana.

I was born in Glendive, Montana on February 20, 1967.  This makes my Sun Sign Pisces, and I’m a “textbook case."  Looking back, I think my first spiritual/paranormal experience was at 3 years of age.  I would often see a man in my room at night.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I think it was a previous tenant.  While growing up, I was always fascinated by the middle ages and magic.  While hearing stories of King Arthur, I was more intrigued by Merlin than the knights.  As a kid I wanted to be a stage magician when I grew up. 


As an adult I didn’t have much of a spiritual life but still had a fascination with things such as Lord of the Rings and mythology.  Having moved to Billings in 1991 to work and go to college, I got involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism, which recreates the middle ages and renaissance.  There I met some people who were Pagans and was intrigued.  This seems to be setting things up for finding Wicca. 


In the ‘90s, I worked at St. Vincent Hospital as an ER tech.  I started drinking to excess to deal with the stress.  I went into treatment for alcoholism in December of 1997.  A big part of my AA program is finding a Higher Power, so I eventually talked to the SCA friends about Wicca.  One of them was willing to teach me the basics, and I knew this was my path!  I had my first Dedication in September of 1999.  She eventually moved away, so I was solitary for a few years, trying to learn and read anything I could.  In school, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in art in 2000.   In 2002, a friend invited me to an Esbat at Charlyn’s house with Mountain Moon Circle.  I seemed to get along with everyone, and it was good to be worshiping with others.  In April of 2004, a friend in the SCA, who is a medium, recognized some potential in me and offered to help train me.  So every Friday for the next two years, we would hold a séance until her death.  During this time I started meditating daily and developing my mediumship.  I asked my patron deities and guides to reveal themselves.  Cernunnos and Cerridwen revealed themselves soon after. 


I eventually took Mountain Moon’s “Wicca 101” class and advanced classes.  During this time, I felt called to be initiated to First Degree.  This happened June of 2007.  In 2010, I achieved my Second Degree initiation.  During my time with Mountain Moon Circle, an element of fear and paranoia crept into the High Priestess’ classes and rituals.  Constant talk of conspiracies and the end of the world, as well as vicious gossip, drove many people away.  She refused to change, and I eventually realized that I can’t be a positive influence no matter how hard I tried.  Last October, many of us had enough and officially left Mountain Moon Circle and formed The Circle of Phoenix Rising.  At this time, I also started studying with Gwen and Shawn for my Third degree, which I achieved at Mabon, 2014.  The Circle of Phoenix Rising is going strong with a good core group.  I have been teaching classes since 2015. 

More Biographies to come; stay tuned!

About the Correllian Nativist Tradition

The Correllian Nativist Tradition is based upon the teachings of members of the High-Correll family. The High-Correll family are descended from a line of Cherokee Didanvwisgi who intermarried with a line of Scottish Traditional Witches, whose descendants were further influenced by Aradian Witchcraft and by the Spiritualist Church.

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