Classes Offerd by Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven


Currently we ask $240 for a year of classes, with half due up-front and $20 a monthly fee for the next 6 months, totaling $240. One may also choose to pay in full at any time.

For “elective” classes and workshops, we generally ask a $10 contribution depending on the subject matter and the length of the class. For an eight-week-long class with 4 "sessions," this could be  $40, if we meet every week for 8 sessions it would $80, for example. Some classes additionally require the purchasing of books. Please inquire for more information about materials.

For the Degree classes we can arrange work-exchange if someone genuinely can’t afford the cost of courses. Because there are a number of “hidden costs” associated with teaching classes, which can sometimes be as large as 10 people at a time, our fees are in place to cover these standard incidentals. We believe it is important for the student to “exchange” something for the knowledge they are receiving; this keeps the flow of energy balanced between instructor and student.

First Degree Classes

The First Degree Classes are two hours in length every Sunday for the duration of a full year-and-a-day. We cover topics such as Casting a Circle, the Elements, Gods, Goddesses and Deity in general, Introduction to the Chakras, basic Grounding, Shielding and Energy-Work.

Students are expected to have at least a 70% attendance in class and are also expected to attend ALL the Sabbats, of which there are 8 throughout the year, unless they have an actual medical emergency. Students will also be expected to occasionally attend Moon Circles.

Formal Wiccan training can be a big commitment, as many Sabbats fall on or near other holidays, in addition to potential obligations one may have with family and with their employer. Please consider the nature of commitment before training begins.

Participation in all of the events that the coven hosts is an essential part of the classwork. A student may go through the classes but if they do not fully participate they will not move on to the next Degree. 

Students are expected to purchase a book or books, and are expected to pay for classes (see above) as well as to contribute to the potluck feasts we have on the Sabbats. These contributory factors should be considered before training begins.

First Degree Classes require the reading of the Lesson, performing the exercises and spellwork in the Lesson, learning Vocabulary, Journaling, answering questions about the reading, writing essays, and doing "independent study" projects and presentations about Gods and Goddesses that we will be studying throughout the year.

Homework and daily energy exercises are assigned; this ensures that the person isn't just "going to class," but is actively practicing their Craft. If one completes all of their assignments with grades of 70% or greater, and have at least 70% attendance, they will be considered for Initiation as a First Degree. 

Completing the class does not guarantee Initiation. We look to see if you have applied what you have learned to your daily life, that is, are you living what you are learning?

Once a person has been Initiated, they are then considered an actual Coven Member of the Garden of the Crescent Moon, as long as they remain in good standing and follow the by-laws and regulations concerning Coven Members.

If one is not asked to be Initiated they may remain a part of the group and attend gatherings as an "Outer Grove member," and can take the First Degree class again if they so choose. Many members have taken the First Degree studies several times; there should be no stigma attached to this. Everyone learns at a different rate and people start from different places.

Someone who has studied Witchcraft or Wicca previously might find the classes easy, whereas someone who is new to Paganism or Witchcraft might find all the information simply overwhelming the first time through.  It is perfectly normal for students to spend two or three years in the First Degree before they are ready to move forward.

Second Degree Classes

For those who have received Initiation into the First Degree, we offer Second Degree classes; these are held at the class members time choosing , currently we are meeting Saturday evenings for 2 hours. The Second Degree can take two years or more to complete. The same attendance requirements apply, as well as attending and creating the Moon Circles and some of the First Degree classes for Presentation days. Our Second Degree program combines learning a bit about many of the things that are considered the "crafts" of Witchcraft as well as developing a much deeper connection with the Deities.  

Students are introduced to Herbology (Herbalism), Working with Crystals, the Tarot, Astrology, Magickal Alphabets, Numerology, Animal and Spirit Guides, Advanced Chakra and Energy-Work, Invoking Gods and Goddesses, Ritual Construction and Enactment and learning more in-depth about the Gods and Goddesses of a variety of pantheons.

Some people find a specialty during their Second Degree and can spend many years studying and becoming adept in that field, or one may find that they are drawn to incorporate that study into their life's work.

Many people stay working in the Second Degree for the rest of their lives. Others receive their Second Degree Initiation and feel the call to Teach, become Clergy or to start their own coven.  Those people move on to study for their Third Degree.

Third Degree Classes

As mentioned earlier, Third Degree studies are not for everyone. Third Degree classes are designed to help the student become a more proficient energy-worker and a better leader in their community, and to teach them the basics of group dynamics and how Neopagan Groups, Covens and Temples function.

We also cover some more advanced topics such as Astral Travel, Shapeshifting, Remote Viewing and working Psychically with distant subjects. We explore the Soul, Time, the Ennead, Past Lives, Soul Retrieval and the Akasha in addition to Incarnation and Evolution.

As part of one's Third Degree, they will have several independent projects that require substantial research. Students in this Degree are expected to host self-created, personally-written Public Rituals and Circles and teach classes that they have created.

Students are, in the Third Degree, expected to come up with their own "Great Work." This is generally a large (sometimes lifelong) project in which one plans to give back to the community in some way or aid in building the community in some manner. This is not required during the training, but is something most Third Degrees have already thought about as their plan for their lives. Everybody has their own individual talents and callings in life, so a person's Great Work should apply to their everyday life and the manner in which they help enrich the lives of others through public service, art, teaching, mentorship or any other progressive field a person is inspired toward.

After a student is Elevated to their Third Degree, they are then able to branch off from the coven and form their own coven if they so choose. Typically this only happens in larger covens with many Third Degrees, or if several members of the coven have a different way they would prefer to practice or do ritual than the way done in the Mother Coven.

It is preferred that several Third Degrees stay in the original coven to help teach all the incoming students, but groups can get too large and the need to hive off is natural.  

Other Classes

We offer other classes that anyone can take including Mythology of the Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Hindu, Greek and Roman pantheons. We also offer introductory classes on Herbology (Herbalism), Crystals, Tarot and the Runes. These classes can be single-day workshops that take several hours ($10-20) or may be a weekly eight-week long course ($40-80 depending on the subject and the teacher).
We have recently incorporated a new Overview of Different Paths class, which introduces students to a variety of different Paths, their Pantheons, some Mythology and a little about the practices of the people who currently follow each Path as an introductory course to take before beginning the Degree Classes. It runs for 8 weeks and costs $40.
Some of the Paths covered are Druidry(Celtic), Asatru (Norse), Kemetic (Egyptian), Hellenistic (Greek), Rodnovery (Slavic), Hindu, and Native American (North America), as these are all Paths currently in use and also Paths whose Deities we as Wiccans typically turn to for our spellwork and rituals. We will explore the connections between Deities from all these different Pantheons all over the world and learn how Wicca incorporates them all and the controversy over that practice. 
  It should be noted that we would like to expand this class or add additional classes to include other Pantheons, whose religious practices have been lost or are not well reconstructed as of this time, or are just not well known to those of us living in the United States. Some of these would be Yoruban, Vodun, (African), Hawaiian or Polynesian, Ancient Chinese (before Taoism) Mayan, Aztec, Incan, etc.  These Pantheons have a lot to offer us as we move into a much more multicultural future.  

Getting Started
First Degree classes usually start in October, but occasionally we run a second session starting around April or May  Please contact us to get registered, find out about Book requirements, when classes will be for your session, etc.  
Other classes will be as the Teacher's schedule allows and will be posted here as well as on our Facebook page with instructions on how to become enrolled.  

Please contact us if you are ready to get started!