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Changes in the Garden

Posted by Coven Admin. on June 29, 2017 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

We have been undergoing some changes over the last year or two with our High Priestess being in Graduate School and several Coven members undergoing issues that led them to leave active Coven working for the time being.  Classes that are ongoing will continue and finish up and new classes might be introduced this Fall. Thank you for bearing with this during this transitory time.  

Lughnassadh Camping

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We will be camping for the Lughnassadh Celebration over the weekend of August 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the River location down off Willow Glen Drive behind Scotty's Bar in Kalispell. This is a family friendly event and kids, dogs and friends are all welcome.

We will be camping from about 3pm Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon whenever people want to leave. There is plenty of room for tents, a big fire pit and a porta pottie. We are right on the river so bring your swimming suits, floaties and water toys! Other camping essentials would include bug spray, sunscreen, lawn chairs, plenty of drinking water and flashlights.

We will be holding Ritual for Lughnassadh on Saturday afternoon around 4-5 depending on the weather with a big feast of barbecued foods afterwards. We will be singing and drumming around the fire both nights.

Our Students will also be doing presentations of their findings about some of the Deities we have been studying this year early in the day on Saturday and there will probably be some discussions on Tarot and Astral Travel as these seem to be topics of interest lately!

Please bring food to barbecue and share with others in a potluck style for the weekend, burgers,fish, brats, kabobs, ribs, chicken and all kinds of salads and fruits and vegetables are appropriate foods for this Festival.

Let me know if you need directions! Gwen 406-212-9334 or [email protected]

Annual Yule / Winter Solstice Celebration 12/21/2013

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The Garden of the Crescent Moon Coven is pleased to announce we will be having our Annual Yule / Winter Solstice Celebration this Saturday evening December 21st at Gwen’s house in Kalispell.  

This is an Open Event, so that means everyone is welcome including kids and friends. We will be meeting at about 4:00-4:15 to get ready for the Ritual at 4:45pm sharp.

If you are not on time you will miss the Ritual..

We will be outside for the Ritual so DRESS WARMLY! The feast will be directly after the Ritual and we will be having a stuffed pork roll courtesy of Shawn and you should bring a side dish of vegetables of some kind, root vegetables being the most appropriate for this time of the year.

There will be singing, drumming and dancing out at the fire, assuming it is not too cold...otherwise we will be be doing those things inside!! This is a really late night event, going all night actually, so snacks and holiday desserts and cookies and goodies are also welcome!

Email me or call if you have questions: 

[email protected] or 406-212-9334 Hope to see everyone there!

Full Cold Moon

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Tonight is a Full Moon it is called the Cold Moon or the Before Yule Moon.

This is an especially special Full Moon because it is the last one of this year.

It is a time to use the Moonlight to charge our energies ready for coming Yule and the New Year.

This particular Full Moon will not be boring and will have an unpredictable vibe along with it. What was stuck may suddenly begin to move or shift. If emotions are clogged, they may surface and flow. Allow this. Be with it as loving as possible with your self and others.

The potential of the Full Moon in Gemini is to become aware of where you are engaging in dualistic thought, emotions and behaviors on auto-pilot. This may be generating a lot of mental stress and tension plus sending out mixed signals to others and the Universe.Some people may be irritable and cranky. Emotions can be raw and urgent. Breathe deeply.

Ground yourself. Keep a sense of humor. Be of good cheer. Be the calm in the storm. Get in the driver seat and empower yourself. Be honest with yourself. Stop arguing for your limitations. Take responsibility for your life. In this way, you can change what is not working. You are the master of your destiny. Take your power back from society and/or other people. Learn from your mistakes. Vow to do better next year. Make a commitment to your success.

Be adaptable. Make friends with change. It is not the enemy. Change is your friend. Change sheds the old and gives birth to the new.With Yule and New year approaching look deep into yourself and ask what you want to happen in the coming year, ask yourself how you will bring it about. Make this the year that you make all your dreams come true. The energy from this Full Moon wants you to succeed. Tell the Moon your hopes and dreams write them down on paper and burn them by a white candle. As the smoke drifts to the heavens the universe will receive your message. Have a blessed Full Moon. May the Goddess watch over you.

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Kalispell Meeting for Spiral Scouts -August 25th from 6:30-7:30pm

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There will be an Informational and Sign Up Meeting for Spiral Scouts at Gwen’s house in Kalispell Sunday, August 25th from 6:30-7:30pm

Spiral Scouts is inclusive of all faiths, ethnic backgrounds and learning capabilities and there are no specific religious views presented by the program, rather it is all about respecting the Earth and ALL the livings beings that make their home here.  There has been a huge response to this program and we are really excited about the potential in this area.

The address is 1415 Whalebone Drive in Kalispell. Spiral Scouts is an alternative Scouting program in which boys and girls of all faiths work, learn and grow together.

It is an interactive program with parents participating in the meetings, helping with projects and assisting with outings and field trips. There are Badges the Scouts can work towards just like other Scouting programs and these include things like Astronomy, Birding, 4 levels of Camping, Cooking, Drama, 4 different types of Community Service, Gardening, Geology, Ecology, Hiking, Fire Safety, Music, Nutrition, Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Swimming, just to give you some examples.

There are also Awards the Scouts can receive for things like Innovation, Kindness, Leadership, Special Achievement, Peace, Perfect Attendance, Recycling and Distinguished Service. The Badge requirements build as the age groups advance so most badges are available in different forms to all age groups. 

We will be getting all the Scouts, Volunteers and Leaders Signed Up, all the Yearly dues collected, deciding on a name for our Charter and figuring out what Day, Time and Place we are going to meet. We will also be going over things like, if we want uniforms (there are suggested uniforms), how often we want to meet, what the dues will be, who wants to lead what age groups and any other questions people might have. Please let your friends and other family members know about this opportunity.

 I know many of us have wanted a Children’s Program of some kind for a long time. There are several other Spiral Scouts groups in Montana and they are doing great. I believe Spiral Scouts is a great program. It has been around since 2001 and has spread through Canada, the US and Europe. Please consider joining with your child or children or even participating as a Volunteer or Leader if your children are already grown. Help us make Spiral Scouts a huge success here in the Kalispell area!Please email me or call me at 406-212-9334 if you have more questions or concerns.Thanks!

13th Annual Pagan Pride Day In Kalispell, MT!

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This year will be our 13th Annual Pagan Pride Day Event!  

Come help us celebrate the Fall Harvest Season with people from all over the area.  We will have a wide assortment of vendors this year as well as many gifted psychic readers and healers.  

There will also be workshops throughout the day on Runes, making Dream-Catchers, essential oils and bellydancing!  Opening Circle will be at 11:00 am, the Main Circle will be at 3:45 and the Closing Circle will be at 5pm.  

Please join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship at the park!  Remember to bring canned or boxed food items for the local Food Drive!

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